Chief Advisor & Camera Flyer
Wendy Smith

A Guinness Book record holder and award winning Skydiver, Wendy Smith is an AFF Instructor and Chief Safety Officer NZPIA for parachuting operations. She is a founder and coach of Freefly Kiwi School of Body Flight and Ambassador for Global Angels Charity Organization. Her impressive records include nine international records and nine world records (in different disciplines), HALO record skydive from 30,000ft (2010), 20,000 + skydives and many more. She has also produced, filmed and participated in extreme skydiving movies at the cutting edge of sport skydiving and published a photographic book, ‘Eyes in the Sky’, to compliment her years in sport skydiving. The Chief Coordinator of Everest Skydive team from 2009 to 2011, she now works in the team as a Chief Advisor& Videographer.