International PR and Australia Representative
Ossie Khan


A Skydive Instructor, Safety Management Speaker and Tourism/Sports Development Consultant, Ossie Khan is the Owner of Melbourne Skydive. He is also the Founder, Director and Producer of Experiences Series, a company founded in 2013 to promote and grow viewership and participation of action and adventure sports globally. He is involved in Federation Aero Sports, Indonesia that works in developing regional and national economies in South East Asia through sustainable Aero Sports Tourism.

Ossie’s professional skill, ingenious creativity and wide experience in creating and showcasing remarkable cinematic sports has also led him to work in many adventure sports production companies including Extreme Sports Producer and Director Brand Solutions. His duties include a wide range of production activities from creating content to brand development and social media strategy. He also worked as a Director of Melbourne Skydive Center, an adventure tourism organization from 2005 to 2012 where his impressive performance led the organization to business from a failing < $100K revenue business to a thriving seven-figure revenue. Definitely not just a person interested in sports, his overall involvement in the field of adventure sports has made him a sports activist working for the global community of extreme sports enthusiasts to promote the platform where athletes can showcase their talent and spirit.