International PR and Singapore Representative
Danniel Lee


Danniel Lee, a UPT Tandem Examiner, USPA Coach Examiner, USPA AFF Examiner, USPA Tandem Examiner, USPA Static-Line Examiner and IBA Wind Tunnel Formation Coach, is a highly recognized name in the skydiving world. He started jumping with Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in 1982. His initial involvement in the sports ultimately gave way to professional skydiving after he earned a USPA instructional ratings in 1996.

He has been actively involved in many Special Operations of SAF and Skydiving Courses. His extensive engagement and contribution in the field for almost four decades has enabled him to earn many prestigious certificates and awards including Gold Award for Ministry of Defense WITs Convention (1995) and Gold Award at the National QCC Convention - National Productivity Board (1995). He is currently working as a Course Director of AFF Tandem Rating Courses in different parts of Asia. Besides being an incredibly popular jump Guru, he also works with local and foreign governments and private companies for developing and advancing aerial sports in Asia. His expertise and experience is considered extremely valuable for the next generation of skydivers.