Everest Skydive has come a long way since its inception in 2008. With the same adventure spirit, we celebrated the 7th installment of skydiving in Everest region from 7th to 8th November; briefly in the drop zone of Syangboche. The event however was only a promotional conquest since Nepal at the time had faced a shortfall in tourists due to the recent avalanche in Everest that killed 16 Nepali guides in mid April, 2014.

Everest Skydive is an elite adventure and this is the most highest skydive on Earth. Since 2008, Everest Skydive has grabbed attention of many adventure seekers in Khumbu provoking them to be a part of this epic saga. Like always, Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure has played a vital role in perfectly executing this event. A total of six skydivers including crew members came together for this short event, making a jump of their lifetime.

Our exclusive partner for the event was Fishtail Air, made all 6 flights  for the skydiving activity. Veteran pilot Maurizio Follini yet again made the five flight loads for the event. A Nepali captain pilot; Deepak Rana also made one flight load for the event. Our drop zone for the event was once again Syangboche Airport (12340ft)  which lies 12 miles South West of the Everest Base Camp and 17.5  miles from the summit of Everest. Mt. Everest as the tallest peak in the world, like always, served as the background of this event.

Participants of ESD 2014

  1. Tom Noonan (USA) - Chief Technical Director, Chief Tandem Master
  2. Paul Henry de Baère (France) - Aerial Photographer, Cinematographer
  3. Joe Johnson (USA) - Solo Skydiving Crew
  4. Jen Sharp (USA) - Solo Skydiving Crew
  5. Paul Schaeffer (USA) - Tandem Skydiver
  6. Osssie Khan (Australia) - Solo Skydiver, Wingsuit Jumper
  7. Ted Atkins (Britain) - Oxygen Supervisor
  8. Sanjeev Gautam (Nepal) - Tandem Skydiver

Lifts & Dives of ESD 2014

Date    Load No.        Name  Jump type      Time   Dropzone       Altitude          Airlines

Nov 7  1         Ossie Khan     Solo     11:57 am-12:10 pm     Syangboche     23000ft           Fishtail

Nov 7  2         Joe Johnson & Jen Sharp        Solo     12:10pm - 12:21 pm   Syangboche     23000ft            Fishtail

Nov 7  3          Tom Noonan & Sanjeev Gautam       Tandem           1:10pm - 1:20pm         Syangboche            23000ft           Fishtail

Nov 8  1          Ossie Khan     Wingsuit Jump            10:07 am - 10:17 am   Syangboche     23000ft            Fishtail

Nov 8  2          Joe Johnson & Paul Schaeffer            Tandem           10:57 am -11:10 am    Syangboche            23000ft           Fishtail

Nov 8  2          Joe Johnson & Jen Sharp        Solo     11:42 am-11:55 am     Syangboche     23000ft            Fishtail

The major highlight of the event was the wing suit jump made by Australian skydiver Mr. Ossie Khan. This is one of the rarest forms of skydiving Nepal has seen till date. Wingsuit jump requires skydiver to wear a special type of skydiving suit which is often referred to as birdman suits or bat suits in popular culture.