International PR and Dubai Representative
Alan Gayton


Alan Gayton, a Stunts and Safety Director, Extreme Sports Stunt Co-ordinator, and Athlete Manager & Consultant, is currently the Director of Operation for Jetman Dubai, a pioneer adventure company that developed the first techniques allowing autonomous human flight. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Prime Productions AMG, created in 2017 in partnership with his wife Marta Espinosa. Films, stunts, aerial and extreme sports productions and athlete management are the major focuses  of the company.

Formerly he worked in Skydive Dubai as the Director of Special Projects and Business Development in which he was responsible for developing new commercial business strategies with special expertise in safety management for events, demonstrations, film productions, stunts, world record and international competitions. He has also organized four international skydiving competitions, and the FAI, World Parachuting championship with a proven record of 100% safety in the operations. Prior to joining skydive Dubai, he was the principal Consultant and Project Developer of Ifly in Mirdif City Center. Also a Marine Engineer of the British Royal Navy and Co-Founder of Samurai Freefly, he is an expert Wind Tunnel Instructor, an experienced Skydiver with around 4,000 jumps, and a Scuba Diving Instructor.